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Discussion on: Open Source Has Not Failed. Don't Cover Up Corporate Abuse of Open Source

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I wonder how much Open Source has contributed to the massive decline in global poverty.

I suspect it's role is not at all trivial. The ethic of "let solve problems because they are worth solving" and "let's give powerful tools to the masses" Changed the game in exponential ways.

How many business decisions are made in the world today without the use of Linux, apache, mysql, php, or another free variant of such? Nearly none. We have cheap smartphones in the pockets of the poor and developing world powered by linux or a variant.

When I was a kid, It cost dollars to call a state away. I watched my kids play Magic the Gathering with over video chat with their friends in Australia for several hours.

There is a Libertarian socialism that has emerged without the need for government revolution or force. It is handing the means of production to the masses. Those tools being distributed allow communities much better ability to solve problems locally and to communicate and coordinate with others to obtain resources that are needed.

You get the benefits of socialism without the oppression. Still a ways to go, but the impact of technology seems to pay compound interest.