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Discussion on: What tools do you use with Clojure ?

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I tried emacs. Spent too much time improving emacs and not enough time focused on code..

Switched to Atom / Protorepl It did the job, but seemed a bit unstable. Atom updates all of the time, has a lot of plugins that also update and break one another. I do recommend this setup to new programmers though. It works well enough, and it is free, and pretty easy to set up.

Settled on IntelliJ and Cursive. Used it a bit on non-commercial tinkering then paid the license. It's worth it. I like the code highlighting, the ability to refactor quickly, the repl integration etc.

I still use Leiningen. I've played with boot, but haven't had a compelling need to migrate. The new CLI tools look compelling, and I suspect I will move that way once there is good support for it in Cursive.

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abiduzz420 Author • Edited

Yep starting with Emacs could hinder your Clojure learning curve.

I have been using Atom for a long time now. I used it for Javascript. Now I use VS Code. I shall experiment with ProtoREPL. Last time when I tried, I faced few obstacles. So I went to using LightTable.

IntelliJ + Cursive is quite good when you are building production code.

Once I am deep into Clojure, I will check out Cursive.