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Wow, awesome topic!

Here is my LaTeX RESUME. I fixed it with CVCompiler to be more DevOps/Python directed, and I would love to get some feedback from you :)


I would increase the font size a bit.

I have a few corrections: "automation at heart" instead of "automation in heart", and "work with experienced software developers" without the "an".

You currently work at Nokia, so you should probably change the label of the section, maybe to something like "Experience" or "Employment history". Previous sounds like "something I used to do but I don't do anymore"

"Scrum master" (without "as additional activity" which is implied) and "since April 2018" instead of "from April".

Instead of saying "mothertongue" you can simply write "native" or "native speaker" in the parenthesis.

"Some of this projects are just one file scripts, and some of them from script becomes a stand alone projects." <- I would totally remove this sentence. It doesn't add value, we all have scripts around. You listed two projects and that's fine.

There are few other corrections incoming, sorry :D

"YouTube to MP3 converter with adding tags" -> "with added tags", or just "with tags"
"Remake of old game with simple GUI" -> "Remake of an old game with a simple GUI"
"attendee on conferences" -> "at conferences"

The last sentence (the one about personal data) keep it optional because it might not mean anything depending on the legislation of the country the company hiring you is in.



Ow.. Thanks for your comment, I will change my CV as soon as possible :) Now I see that not technical skills but english is something I should work with ;)

Ah ah I'm in the same boat, I'm not an english native speaker either

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