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Week 2 of my 100daysofcode Challenge

jpchreim profile image Jean Pierre Chreim ・2 min read

It has been 2 weeks since I started the 100 days of code challenge in which I decided to study and code for at least an hour per day. Allow me to enroll my achievements for the last week.

I've completed the basic course in Responsive WEB Design and, surprisingly, I've found that I can acquire a certificate from FreeCodeCamp if I managed to submit 4 projects. From my point of view, this certificate is a great opportunity because:

  • FreeCodeCamp is a well known site, and a certificate from it will bring a value to my profile.
  • We should constantly practice what we learned, as learning without practicing isn't enough.

The first project was a tribute page, I didn't encounter any difficulties in doing it, and that's because I've planned everything before coding.

In the second project, I had to create a form which users should submit their information. Unluckily, I couldn't manage to finish it as I had to return my laptop to the dealer because of a camera issue and didn't take any backup of the projects that I'm working on. Thanks to that, I found out the importance of creating GitHub repositories for each project, and to keep it updated.

This issue didn't stop me from continuing my 100daysofcode journey, so I took a break from these projects, until my laptop returns, and I started with JavaScript which I hardly know how to practice it.

I've learned the fundamentals, and then jumped to Object manipulating. It wasn't something new as my first programming language was Java, an OOP, but I was surprised with how easy JS is with objects.

I'm currently on challenge number 92 out of 111 on FreeCodeCamp, after that I'll start with ES6, something I heard quite a little about but never had the opportunity to know what is it and why/when we use it.
How about you? Are you doing the 100daysofcode challenge? If so, where did you reach?

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