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Hi Dmitry! I've enjoyed the post very much, particularly the use of the git filter-branch command. I recall having used it once a while ago to fix a typo in my email address (GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL) on several commits from a couple of personal repos.
Beyond that, what I'd like to know about, because I'm really intrigued, is why you needed to merge all the repos in one repo. Are those libraries related in some way? Have you taken into account the option using git submodule to add the repos as submodules of a parent project?


Thanks! I used it a few times before myself and every time I just pasted a code snippet from the docs or stackoverflow and was done with it. This time I decided to dig deeper.

I would like to merge these libraries (not just repos), because they share a bunch of code, that for historical reasons got copy-pasted and modified a bunch of times. I would also like to harmonize their API and make them share even more code. Another approach would be to take out the shared part and make it its own library, but I find it too tedious and this library on its own would not be useful to anyone. The submodules approach is not gonna work in this case, because I'm going to move files around and make global refactoring, which wouldn't make sense in each single repo.

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