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re: For the record though (and I've only really been doing this in JS so far).... TDD is really lovely. It sucks when you have to mock objects and deal...

I LOVED TDD when I first learned about it. I implemented it everywhere I could! Later, it got to the point where the amount of time I was taking to write code to test my code was more time than to write the actual code. I lost the value in doing the testing to begin with.

Think about it this way...time is something you can't buy back. At some point you have to evaluate how much time you are spending on the things you are doing. When you're spending more time to write tests than to write code, you have to compare that to the amount of time you would be debugging code to solve issues or add capabilities.

For me, going TDD, or even unit testing all together got to the point where it wasn't worth the value of effort I was putting in. That is why I went to automated functional testing.

I found that if you place your focus on testing your public facing capabilities, then you can catch more bugs with less amount of code. Which is the reason I spent time building out FireTest ua1.us/projects/firetest/

Now all of my efforts are focused on exercising the functionality and not on testing each individual piece of code that implements that functionality. And when a bug is reported, I write a test that will replicate that bug and include it in my test suite to ensure that bug never happens again.

I can see how that'd be the case. For me, the thing I like about TDD is that I can clearly outline my expectation of how code should work so that it feels logically sound. And then, if I need to refactor it, I can confirm that everything is still ok. I would never want to refactor a big project that was only tested from public facing stuff. I think that if you need to mock stuff TDD can be slow and a pain. Almost all of my tests are expect().toBe();... there's almost nothing to writing them. I keep it deliberately simple because if it's hard to test, I'm probably writing brittle code. (Not to say you are or were either. Just something that I noticed about my own coding practice).

Nice! Different stuff works for different people. I find no value in writing individual units. Never have I ever caught a bug because a unit test failed. I did catch a bug because my functional test failed though.

Even recently. My test was written in a way such that I expected that if the user tried to access a class that didn't exist within a DI container, that the code would throw an exception. Turns out that the code was written such that if the DI container didn't contain the class it would throw an exception in php 7.1, but not 7.3. That is a bug that I wouldn't have been able to catch if I mocked everything and spent time writing individual unit tests.

Totally agree. Different strokes.

And I hear ya about the need for other tests and assurances too. I wouldn't ever think, "I have unit tests, so everything is perfect."

And I've written loads of code that isn't tested at all and had zero problems.

I can say this much. I DEFINITELY dislike TDD when working with OOP. :)

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