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Plus, by struggling with it yourself first, the solution will be a lot more meaningful. And honestly, once you know it (and feel some confidence it's correct), I'd highly recommend going through the thought process again, possibly even several times, so that you can get from that problem to that solution in the future. The first time is the hardest, but only yields like 20% understanding. Thinking through it 2 or 3 more times takes less time and effort and gets you another 40-60% understanding.

Let’s discuss! Senior developers, what do you expect from new/junior developers when they ask questions?

An understanding of the goal. Skepticism (but not like unreasonably so, more like what a scientist would do, like "okay, I think I hear what you're saying, and if I unde__rstand correctly, then this should be true, let me check it with you to see"). Really, if anyone sciences an answer I give them, then I will feel so happy about how we spent that time (even if I turn out to be wrong).

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