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Discussion on: 5 Things I Learned From Creating My First Ruby Gem From Scratch

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Josh Cheek

Actually, looking @ my walkthrough, the stuff that's relevant to you probably begins halfway through the second day, here. If you want to code along with the walkthrough, you can start on the first day, so that you'll have the code, but I don't know that there's anything super new in it (maybe the stuff about how to get the absolute file path). If you don't want to code along with it, the code is here, and the commits follow along with the walkthrough, so you can go back and see what it looked like at that time.

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Felice Forby Author

Thanks for explaining the .gem file stuff.

And you hit right on the other thing I was confused about: how to get the 'find-recipe' command to run no matter what directory you're in! I read through your walkthroughs and the $PATH is starting to make a little more sense.

The original $PATH code and gemspec were generated by bundler's gem command, so I had just used it as is. I used your examples and it seems to work now :) thanks again!