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re: Hey Joseph - thanks for your detailed response, and for sharing your experiences. This is great. My experiences obviously differ to yours, but that...

I'm not sure this is an argument in favour of frameworks, or of documentation. Good libraries have good documentation too.

it's not the library documentation I am talking about but how your application interacts with them. There is no documentation on "how to create sessions with David Wickes application that communicates with the B2C part" or "how to send a quick email with David Wickes application that communicates with the warehouse."

But do I need any of them? What are the benefits to me? I've seen developers add these features to projects when they're not needed...

out of curiosity, how long have you been in industry? Not being rude but curious. Your experiences are your own and you are entitled to them and I respect them. I am not saying my experience overtrumps your experiences but as someone who has been in industry and have ran some big projects with $60M+ on the line for quite a while I can tell you that requirements always change and if you don't need that ability to send an email that was just added to the new release of XX framework a few months ago, when your boss come back and you and says:

"oh remember that wharehouse app you made to manage all those products? i need you to add a completely unexpected requirement of sending that email directly to shipping with all item details and who the shipment is going to"

Framework to the rescue because a developer coded that for you and you can easily send an email and package it up in a nice "mailable" class you can pass around all parts of your code.

it's hard to debug when it goes wrong,

But isn't that why you have framework documentation, Stack Overflow answers, Slack channels, community articles, online videos you can reference to help you debug that is not available to you if you build something from scratch?

and it's hard to redesign it to fit your needs.

I'll give this one to you. Frameworks generally can be manipulated in the sense of file structure but typically has only 1-3 way to do things like:

  • This is how you send email
  • this is how you interact with form inputs
  • This how you do x, y, z

So yes frameworks make you do certain tasks a certain way but that's not a strong argument of why it is bad imo.

Maybe it is to you but having freedom to code the way you want to code isn't a perfect solution, it has significant drawbacks and maybe that's the point I am making is that this sounds good but it has a lot of drawbacks when you find the can you kicked down the road. I am genuinly curious on your opinion this time next year or 2 years from now or even when you switch employers.

I will be following up with you then 😈

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