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re: Sublime Text > VS Code > TextMate > Vim > VS Code From Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code Sublime Text is a great editor, ...

This really resonated with me as I have a similar story. Notepad++ and Nano in the early days at school until I found Sublime Text. Sublime is great, like really great. It's so fast. To this day I still use Sublime for quick editing here and there if I don't want to have a whole extra VSC instance running for a directory full of bash scripts or something.

Then I came across vim. I didn't have the patience to sit down and grind out that learning curve as you were so brave to do, but I still use it. Honestly it's the easiest way to quickly edit a file, whether it's a simple SSH config, another bash script, or for some quick notes. Not having to leave your terminal in some operations is a nice QOL boost. But wow it can be daunting.

Now VSCode. I can't possible explain how nice this is, and maybe it's because of the wonderful web dev support Microsoft has been adding over the year. I was on Atom for a very brief period until the startup time became well over a minute and that editor would chug opening and working with large files. Maybe that's gotten better, but I have no want to move back. VSCode is fantastic.

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