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Discussion on: Going to My First Conference. Pro Tips?

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Josef Aidt

Don't feel the need to do everything. Take a second to relax every now and then, engage in casual conversations to help pull you out of your comfort zone (try to do this early-ish, I find it helps me be more open to social experiences). Make friends. Talk about things that you're excited about, or things you're currently working on. Conversations don't have to be tech related. My favorite part of meeting people at conferences is understanding their background, what they do for fun, and non-tech hobbies. IMO one of the best aspects of the webdev community is the plethora of rich, non-traditional backgrounds.

Some bring laptops, and that's cool. I find myself rarely reaching for mine except for downtime, maybe after an inspiring talk that got my creative juices flowing.

Hang out with people, go to that after-party, that post-conference social outing, or that quick coffee grab. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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I've only ever brought a notepad and pen (usually courtesy of a sponsor!) but next time will see how useful a small tablet is, just so the occasional email/Slack check is easier than on my budget phone.