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I have a 8 years old daughter and i started teaching her how to code. We started with a game on her phone, because it was basic enough and very accessible, she didn't have to get out of her comfort zone at all. So we moved to Scratch, but it was lacking something, and she didn't feel too engaged.
Then i found Hour of Code, a website devoted to engage people to teach coding for 1 hour. There is a Minecraft-themed series: just like Scratch, but Minecraft-y. She loved it, because it is something with which she is familiar. She knows the characters and knows what their behavior is like, thus it is easier for her to know what to expect when instructing the characters.

Alongside with that, i've been showing her how to apply what she learns from the games to real code. So far we've declared some variables, wrote a function and the next step will be conditionals and loops :D

She is loving it and i love being able to teach her a skill that she will use for the rest of her life.


That's amazing! Thanks for the tip. It's awesome she is learning coding from her dad, she'll prob thanks you in the future.


Hopefully i can make that difference in her life!


I liked reading your story, Jorge.

A Scratch course wouldn't have got my attention by itself either. It's so important that we meet our kids where they are, focusing on what they already love and finding the connection with technology. You see many kids stepping out now because they just feel coding is this last new thing they need to learn and they don't see the point.

We need to find ways to reach them and it seems you did it!

Almost 3 years have passed since your comment... Is she still engaged with it? Do you code together? :D

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