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The future is to develop programs for social network

Jorge Castro
You are free to believe in whatever you want to, me too. So, stop preaching your religion, politics, or belief. Do you have facts? Then I will listen. Do you have a personal belief? Sorry but no.
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Do you remember when the future was to develop programs such as games and other kinds of application for a social network?. And every media and programming group preached about the goodness to learn about it.

For example:

Well, this was a short hype and it wasn't the last one.

Now, how many naive and sore losers good developers spend time learning a new technology that finally faded?.*jiiFZI7EeWV4N4TV.

So, which one is the best language to learn?.

There is not a warranty. For example: (let's lie, statistic style!).

It is the ranking.

How they know about this information?. How they filled it?. 🤷 Let's say magic!.

Jun 2019 Jun 2018 Change Programming Language Ratings Change
1 1 Java 15.004% -0.36%
2 2 C 13.300% -1.64%
3 4 Python 8.530% +2.77%
4 3 C++ 7.384% -0.95%
5 6 Visual Basic .NET 4.624% +0.86%
6 5 C# 4.483% +0.17%
7 8 JavaScript 2.716% +0.22%
8 7 PHP 2.567% -0.31%
9 9 SQL 2.224% -0.12%
10 16 Assembly language 1.479% +0.56%
11 15 Swift 1.419% +0.27%
12 12 Objective-C 1.391% +0.21%
13 11 Ruby 1.388% +0.13%
14 60 Groovy 1.300% +1.11%
15 18 Go 1.257% +0.38%
16 14 Perl 1.173% +0.03%
17 19 Delphi/Object Pascal 1.129% +0.25%
18 17 MATLAB 1.077% +0.18%
19 13 Visual Basic 1.069% -0.08%
20 20 PL/SQL 0.929% +0.08%

And it is for stack-overflow

Top 5 most loved languages:

Rust: 83.5%
Python: 73.1%
TypeScript: 73.1%
Kotlin: 72.6%
WebAssembly: 69.5%

Top 5 most dreaded languages:

VBA: 75.2%
Objective-C: 68.7%
Assembly: 64.4%
C: 57.5%
PHP: 54.2%

Of course, since we are programmers, we know (or we should know that the word "loved" and "dreaded" is subjective, i.e. it's moody).

And it is from Redmonk (how they measured, bots to stackoverflow and github).


Visual Basic

For example, do you know the language called ABAP?. If you find at almost all ranking, you won't find it. But, what is ABAP anyways, ABAP is the language used by SAP, and if you know ABAP + certification and you could land a job then, it's easy to earn A LOT of money. Also, the competition is a joke, most developers are jumping over python and js so the competition is fierce, while for ABAP is quite trivial. Salesforce has to some hidden market for developers: a few jobs but fewer competitors, a nice salary and easy job.

What we know?.

The market changes, you like it or not. What is popular right now, today could kick the bucket.

But again, Which language?.

For started:

Find a job site (usually a local job site) and survey your future job, because it's not the same to survey a job in the USA when you live in Ukraine.

But there is more.

Do you want money, an easy living, a challenge or what?.

Because every language has it's own specialty. For example, JAVA is for big business and it means money but developers must pay a high price for that

(Evil laugh).


  • You should never even follow the hyped (it could be a hit or miss).
  • You should do your duty, for example, to learn the pro and cons a language or technology, if it suits your needing and if there are jobs where you want to work.
  • And sometimes you must follow your own gut, you must not listen to people that are clueless (such as novice that hardly knows a single language but preaches like a seasoned developer), neither people like me (because we are tricky).

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To a man who knows he does not know and is willing to admit it publicly, with such eloquence... from a man who knows he does not know either: Bravo! Very nicely done, thanks.

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