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Putty s***ks!

jorgecc profile image Jorge Castro ・3 min read

Really, Putty s**cks so much.

It is my adventure with it.

How to use it? usually, I edit the IP then I select the authentication, click on Open and that's it. Most (if not all) hosting allows authentication via SSH. In fact, it is rare to find a hosting that allows authentication via user/password, so we usually need to set the authentication via a certificate. This option is well hidden in the menu CONNECTION->SSH-AUTH->Private Key for authentication.

Alt Text

But what if you want to save your connection, you know, maybe you are using the same connection over and over and over and over... (and over). Then, you can save and the button is on the "main" page (session)

It is the steps

  1. Enter the information

Alt Text

  1. Push the button save but NOPE. It doesn't tell you why but this operation fails because you are not assigned a name.

Alt Text

  1. Then, you click Open.

And.. you miss some part, the authentication 🤦‍♂️.

Alt Text

It is not a big problem because you already saved the connection (really?). Then you close putty and you try it again.

  1. Open Putty again, double click in the connection and it opens again!. 🤦‍♂️

Alt Text

So, lesson learned, double click is not for selecting but for opening. So, what if we single click the connection? It does nothing. You must single-click the connection and click the button LOAD and now, you can edit your connection.

Then, I add the authentication, then I click on the button OPEN and now it works.

However, it doesn't save your connection or warned you about it 😣.

Also, this problem is duplicated tenfold times when you also need to configure other values such as a tunnel. If you forget and simple step, then you can find will all your configuration delete or replaced.


So, if you want to edit a connection.

  • You must LOAD the connection (single click, not double click).
  • Then you must go to authentication and change your authentication method.
  • Then you must go back to Session and click in SAVE.

Now, if you (by mistake), select another connection (that selecting does not mean to LOAD), and you click save, then you are overwriting another connection, no warning, no message 😣.

Also, if you click (by mistake) at the beginning SAVE instead of LOAD, you also lose everything. ☠


There are many alternatives around here. I skip all alternatives that are simply forks of Putty. For example, we have Bitwise and it works.

Alt Text

You can open and save your connection directly in a folder. The interface is more streamline.


Alt Text

Also, UX is not just researching the users, they (the creators of it) are users. UX is (most of the time) common sense!.

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ajxn profile image
Anders Jackson

I always uses SSH without that extra GUI.
Much easier, and you can do more stuff.

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