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Novice vs average vs seasoned programmer

jorgecc profile image Jorge Castro ・2 min read


  • TDD for all our code.
  • 80% test coverage, no less.
  • Robert C. Martin and Martin Fowler are our guru.
  • AGILE for the win.

Average programmer

  • And remember guys, bugs free and cover your flanks!.
  • Guys? do you think we should skip some meetings?.
  • Who was the idiot that selected this technology?
  • We are not making, maybe we should sleep at the office.
  • Testing?.. just copy the result of the test.

Seasoned Developer

  • We killed some Viet-bugs and we survived the attack of a few snipers-vendors.
  • We barely met with the deadline, it was hard but we won (and we get a bonus), however, we lost two good guys (they found a better job), I'm afraid I'm the next one.
  • I hear we could bribe the DBA, he likes to smoke, we should try it for the next time.


I think a novice could reach the level of seasoned-programmer in a single and sh***tty project but the projects must be :

  • hard as a nail and bad planned: Short deadline lacks resources and awful planning if not also poor vendor and non-friendly customer/product owner.
  • But, even after all, it must end in a victory.

What are the perks of a seasoned developer.

  • He/she is not micromanaged anymore.
  • He/she is invited to the meeting (not the useless meeting but the meeting with the big-ups), where he/she could get visibility = raise.
  • He/she gets a better salary.
  • 9am-5pm is religion.
  • He/she knows who-is-who in the business. For example, sometimes it's worth to earn the favor of the secretary-executive and sometimes you want to play "Metal Gear Solid" (stealth game) with your customer

Discussion (4)

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Vince Ramces Oliveros

sometimes you want to play "Metal Gear Solid" (stleath game) with your customer

was this intentional? and I find it funny for the Novice(ideal/planning, trainee), Average(agile, private) and seasoned(lieutenant) programmer.

jorgecc profile image
Jorge Castro Author

The typo wasn't intentional. Anyways, some customers are annoying as f*. It's not rare to find a customer that changes requirements at whim or he demands a new meeting. Some meeting means to lose half a day, so the far then the better.

They (customers) play the same when we need new requirements, budget or a new deadline.

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Haha loved the way you explained it.

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