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How not to find an IT-partner?

jorgecc profile image Jorge Castro ・1 min read

Time ago, I checked some site, and I found an ad saying that they need a new CTO for their startup. This new startup promises a percentage of the society (instead of a salary), so it is a bet. They are a local startup so I think I can check if it is worth or not, then I send them an email about to date a meeting and talks about it.

And they answered me about: "fine, then send us your CV..."

Why I did that?

Because if some company asks you a CV, then they want an employee (and a free one), not a founder. Of course, nobody would want to partner with an anonymous person, but it is different from asking for a CV. But at least, if they are asking for a CV, then they should send their CV, after all, it is about founders, not to create a boss-employee relation.

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