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Discussion on: How to find a job as a Bootcamp grad

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Jorge Castro • Edited

What did not work? Recruiters.

I agree.


I checked your CV because I always try to find new formats and I don't like the format, two columns, it is not something common

Also, I (personally opinion, i.e. take as a pinch of salt) your profile suits more to be a management, a leader or even an entrepreneur.

You had the chance to be a boss around here, but you pick to be a front end developer. Why?. Usually, they do the opposite. IMHO, you are ill-advised, and somebody in your inner circle sucks!.

Sheesh and double sheesh.

My little sis had a similar venture. We even worked developing websites in Wordpress, we started a couple of unsuccessful businesses and so on. Finally, she decided to go to a b-school and now she is the boss in their institution with over 1000 collaborators under her wing.

Anyways, your CV needs some work, I am an entrepreneur (and I think you are one of us), and businesses hate us. The slogan says "they want leaders and proactive... " but it is bullcrap!, they want the opposite, passive yes-men (and yes-women) that are willing to follow orders. You will have more luck removing it.

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JennyJudova (she/they) Author • Edited

Wow thats a lot of opinions and assumptions.

The CV did it's job it got me interviews and a job I love, hence why I am sharing it. As the article suggests the post is for bootcamp grads. And many of us struggle with how to show the career change in the CV, how to make a monumental decision to start over visually make sense. Because my previous experience is relevant to tech and startups I chose to have it on the first page and my dev projects on the second. My peers without relevant experience tend to have their bootcamp and projects on the first page.

Most bootcamp grads are well over 25 so we had careers where we were in leadership positions and now we want to be developers so we start from the beginning as juniors. I love to code, I enjoy it a lot more than being a founder (been there done that), do not judge people for making life choices different to yours.

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