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Discussion on: [PT-BR] Startups ou empresas grandes tradicionais? Qual é a melhor para se trabalhar?

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Jorge Castro • Edited

If you are a useless potato, i.e. a developer that is clueless, then to work for big business is ideal. I worked the last year as an IBM partner and in 6 months I did nothing! zero, nada! and I hated it, everything is so damn slow (if any). And nobody complained. My customers have over +50 engineers doing nothing useful.

Instead, if you work for a small business, then you are free of bureaucracy and everything is fastest and you could learn a lot from it. If you are a proactive developer, then it's way better to work in a small company.

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Paulo Luan Author

And That's why I love programming and the free-market-economics, Sometimes people with small teams with douzen smart people can beat REALLY LARGE COMPANIES, with simple and effective solutions. i.e Whatsapp;

There's no better time in the history of humanity to be a developer as it is to be right NOW, nowadays, we can build better products than another one made from thousands of devs in a huge company 10 years ago.

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Paulo Luan Author • Edited

Maaaan, you have described exactly the same thing that happened to me, sorry for the text being in Portuguese, I'm assuming you speak Spanish, so you probably understood the text based on the similarities of our languages, anyway...

I worked in some public companies and that's exactly the same situation, that shit made me sick! environments of large companies (or public companies) tends to be extremely poorly organized and slow... unfortunately!

And the sad thing is that: Be a 'government employee' is the dream of a LOT of people in Brazil, just because the job generally is easy and the wages are very high (that includes the software development area)

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