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re: I don't think that this is the main point of the article. There are jobs where creativity is a hindrance. (Although there is some evidence that thi...

If you have a developer job that does not allow and require creativity, there must be something going massively wrong.

There are create jobs and jobs that don't require creativity.

In general, programming is :

  • X problem
  • Y solution.
  • Join X with Y and that's it.

However, let's say that we NEED creativity. Creativity is a hell of expensive, and it could tire everybody.

For example, the so-called "creative wall." It's not rare to find a writer that ran out of creativity; it's simply is not doing anything because he is unable to do. Now, how many programmers are out of creativity for days, weeks, or months and they are unable to work at all?.

Now, we could solve something using a creative solution or solve it by following-by-the-book but again, it's up to us and it is good.

Okay, I am probably using the term creativity in a broader sense than you are. Even if solution Y already exists for problem X, it typically requires some creativity to find it.

In my point of view, creativity is nothing mystical. It is the ability of our brain to generate more or less random ideas and then quickly rate them to find the better ones. Just like biological evolution but much faster.

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