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My type is int32

And about my type of manager, I don't have; I have customers and they are worse.

Anyways, about leadership, it's quite easy.


Julius Caesar or just follow a single rule: "to eat with the troops".

It doesn't mean to eat literally with the troops but if the team is "fighting in the mud", then you (as the leader) must be here, and of course, you mustn't be the clean one.

Let's say that the team is in a pinch, the deadline is close and we need to deploy a project the next Monday so we must work overnight, including the weekend. You, as a manager, you can't say "Ok guys, we will see you the next Monday!".

What a good manager would do in this case?

  • A good manager knows how to plan the schedules. Of course, there are contingencies and sometimes the schedules are set by the product-manager (aka, a salesman).
  • A good manager knows how to deal or ask for more resources (time, personnel and such). A good manager is not a brown-nose but somebody that it's willing to fight for the team (against the high ups or even against the customers). Of course, a good manager is also the guy that is not scared to cut some heads.
  • At at least, a good manager reads the mood. For example, let's say that the team is working at night (3 am), of course, the moral is low. A good manager is the guy that calls for a pizza and some energy drinks (and of course, he pays for it), it's a cheap trick but it is the kind of details that make a big difference.