Discussion on: Will PHP save your startup?

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Jorge Castro

PHP is made for the web but there are extra servers, processors, hacks and tricks needed. It is absolutely not one with your web server and if you've been close enough to operational teams of big PHP projects you'll know how much a pain in the ass it can be.

No, it is not!. Sheesh. Apache is quite easy to configure in comparison with Java.

Right now, I am working on IBM Liberty server and f***** the plataform, I am unable to change to JSF 2.2 because it breaks everything, it is the same with Jboss and other "Application Service".

PHP doesn't have something like ANT, MAVEN or Gradle, everybody could install a PHP project with "xcopy".

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Peter Aba Author

I haven't seen a live PHP + Apache combo since 2012 and unless you have very good reasons to stick with it, you probably shouldn't either.

Please note, I don't want to defend Java really, but keeping a PHP app afloat that is used by tons of people is not a walk in the park and keeping a growing codebase managable and stable is extremely hard.