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Discussion on: Let's make a Twitch bot with Python!

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Jordan • Edited on

I keep trying to run the bot but get the error: KeyError: 'jordo1'.

asyncio.exceptions.TimeoutError: Request to join the "jordo1" channel has timed out. Make sure the channel exists.

My channel certainly exists. I tried it with both Python 3.7 and 3.8. My code is basically the same, but I made my own class inheriting Bot instead.

I regenerated my oauth and reconfirmed my client ID.

Please help. Driving me nuts for hours.

Edit: Just realized the bot is working but this error still appears despite joining the channel. Strange. The nick isn't working though, it's just using my twitch username.

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Cai Nowicki

I'm getting the same error and resolution. And I can't get any of the bot.command functions to work, even with copy/pasting the code given here. If I fold it inside the event_message function it works, but not as its own thing.