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Discussion on: Shattered or How to bomb interviews as a senior developer

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Jordon Replogle • Edited on

I had an interview with Facebook, and they asked me the simple question of what port is associated with DNS... and I said 63 instead of 53.

Another interview, I flipped what a == and === did. I've been developing for years, have written production code in multiple languages... and my mind still freezes sometimes when I'm put on the spot.

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Andrey Kolybelnikov

I'm so happy to read this ... No, don't get me wrong, I'm not happy about you having those moments, I'm happy I'm NOT ALONE with them.

Thanks for confirming I'm not a special case of developer dumb. I feel hope and will continue ... to bomb interviews.

I know this s**t!!! It's "just a part of how I code".

I also sometimes doubt that interviewers are 1. knowledgeable and professional people, 2. simply good humans or 3. even know themselves what they're looking for.