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Discussion on: What are you not interested in learning?

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jonrgrover • Edited on

I tend to gravitate toward content, meaning, and information, i.e. what a program actually does. Therefore these technologies are uninteresting to me or even get in the way of my work:

  • Entity Framework & Rails: They get in the way of my research focus of working with fields directly rather than structures of fields.

  • Cutting edge Front end Technology tool suites: They seem to change faster than I can learn them. And for me the real action is in the middle tier, not the front end.

  • Dev-Ops, Admin, networking: Just the stuff my programs run on. I'm not really interested. I care about what my programs do, not where they run.

  • Security: I want what I produce to be available to everyone. Why focus on technologies that limit this?

  • The Internet of (hackable) things: Why make people even more vulnerable to hackers in the physical world than we already are?