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Discussion on: Convince me that Web3 is the worst

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I haven't seen anyone mention the fact that Web3 has no real path to decentralizing the web in the way it's advertised.

When someone talks about how Web3 is going to take down the Meta-Alphabet duopoly on internet platforms, they ignore the fact that the very instant it becomes a threat to their market control, they will also do a Web3 platform that has their own private block chain or something equally un-Web3.

Sure we will know it's not free-range organic Web3 but will the billion+ users of these platforms know or even give a shit? Probably not. For better or for (more likely) worse, market consolidation is just a natural economic process that needs to be regulated by law and not by pollution causing, GPU-inflating, JPEG-trading maths.

I am aware that there are some good aspects of NFTs but buying a JPEG to resell is not "art" it's hoping to ride the pump before an inevitable dump don't @ me