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Jon Lim

Hello! My name is Jon. I'm currently a backend developer for CB Insights, in New York City. I primarily work in Go and (some) Python to help build our market intelligence platform.

I started out working life as a business grad and decided it wasn't for me, and made the switch to programming soon after. I'm now approaching 5 years of programming work, and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

Still figuring out my niche and "programming brand", but I've had a lot of fun taking projects from concepts and plans into fully functioning systems and features that align with business objectives. I'm really into building excellent user experiences, thinking through architectural decisions, and building lots of tests that bolster those user experiences.

In my spare time, I enjoy thinking about how to improve my programming skills in an accelerated way, and coming up with fun little app ideas and games.

Excited to be here!

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