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Discussion on: Time Management: Why we should make this a priority

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Jon Lim

Thanks for sharing!

I've also run into a similar issue around trying to balance work + career development + personal interests + trying to take care of the home.

Serious props on the physical planner / calendar. It makes it easier for you the see everything you're doing in a day, and also helpful for others to understand how you've planned your day as well.

Other things I've done to help around planning and time management:

  • Turn off / close / block "distraction" sites and apps, like Reddit, or Slack, or emails, or even; if I can't see it and don't have the option to check it except for certain times of the day, then I won't be tempted to be distracted when I'm doing what I said I would be doing
  • Have strict "working hours"; I dedicate 9-5 every day towards work, and those are my working hours. I have a ceremony for starting my work day, and a ceremony for ending my work day, and I do not check anything related to work outside of those hours (aside from emergencies).
  • Keeping a prioritized list of TODOs for different things I want to do. This is mostly for work, because I want to accomplish specific things in a day, so at the start of the day, I jot down anything I have to do, and at the end of the day, I re-prioritize the TODOs and add any notes (because I may have partially done something) for the next day. This is part of my ceremony in ending my working hours, and I've found it to be helpful for alleviating mental overhead in unfinished work.

Lots of strategies to try, and figure out which ones work for you. Keep at it!

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Laura Jane Author

This is some more awesome tips! Thanks for commenting and sharing with us! Have a great day!😊