Discussion on: Stop trying to be so DRY, instead Write Everything Twice (WET)

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Jonathan Gros-Dubois

True, but many behaviours cannot be boiled down to a three word function name without causing even more confusion and indirection. Sometimes the raw code itself tells the story best. You don't want to force the reader to jump around between different files or parts of the code to figure out how the code accomplishes a certain simple task.

Maybe if the author of the function knew how to find the perfect words to express the exact behavior of the function in a way that everyone could intuitively understand, that would be great, but this is not reality. Human psychology is not so simple - There will always be people who will intuitively misunderstand no matter how careful and precise you are in your choice of terminology; and in these cases, your abstraction will cause indirection and confusion.

Very often, the author uses the wrong sequence of words which have multiple interpretations and this only serves to confuse and misdirect the reader. Writing the correct abstraction requires familiarity with the sub-problem and this familiarity can only be achieved through being exposed to the same sub-problem multiple times, more than 2 times, sometimes even more times.

Also, with a sample size of 2, you cannot always know what kind of abstraction you'll end up needing... Maybe as your system evolves, these 2 currently similar behaviors will diverge rather than converge and sharing an abstraction between them won't make sense; it will mislead the next developer down the wrong path.