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Hey man, just came across this article few days ago, great tips. Just finished installing everything. One quick thing, sorry if I missed it, is it a good idea to plug your IDE directly into a git project? How can you do so with VS Code?


Hey, nice to hear that.

I don't fully understand what you mean with plug your IDE directly into git?

I use the command line but still, I see the changed files and new files in vscode.

A lot of people are using Git Lens its an extension for vscode that integrates git even more into the IDE.

In the end do what is best for you and what feels the best for you :)


Yeah sorry for the vagueness, wasn't quite sure how to put it.

Basically just something that shows what files/lines are changed directly in your editor, then some basic git commands too. I think that does clear it up a bit. I'll check out Lens and see if it does what I need.

Thanks for the help :)

But this is already in vscode without any extension :)

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