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I made a Python Community Map, and you should include yours!

jonatasbaldin profile image Jonatas Baldin ・1 min read

Hello people, how are you doing?

Last week I built the Python Community Map, a place where we can see local Python communities across the world – and you can add the one you participate too!

The Python Community Map

I did this because I really want to have a better overview of the Python community around the globe and that when I'm travelling around I know where I can go to meet fellow Pythonistas.

The map is currently deployed at the official Python Brazilian domain, because I know people there and they were really kind to give me a piece of domain. If this gets traction, I'll try to talk to the PSF and host at That would be cool.

Here's the link:

The project is at this GitHub repository. There are instructions there on how to contribute, but basically you need to add your community to the communities.yaml file.

Well, that's it. I'd love if you could contribute to make this map full of love and pins ❤️

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