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Blog post: Release 1.19 of Date::Holidays

Today I released Date::Holidays 1.19.

The release contains a contribution from a new contributor: Denis Boyun, whom added support for Date::Holidays::UA, a distribution for calculating holidays in Ukraine.

I am very happy about accepting the contribution of an adapter class for Denis original work in Date::Holidays::UA.

More contributions are always welcome.

Take care and stay safe.

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jonasbn Author

I have just release 1.20 to CPAN. A bug was introduced with the release of 1.19, the bug had been lurking since just after the release of 1.18. The bug did not show itself unless adaptees where installed and I tested release 1.19 on a branch new Perlbrew installation, so the bug was not demonstrated.

This has been addressed now and release 1.20 has just been uploaded to CPAN. Thanks to CPAN testers for raising hell, see: