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Discussion on: Deadlines - Bad reason for bad code.

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Jolas Author • Edited on

Quality code appears to be taking time. In fact, it is saving you from spending more time during maintenance and feature addition.

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Kevin R Stone

I hear you, but there is a point that I fear readers might miss.

In the short term, depending on your system, doing something the "right"/high-quality way can take far longer than a quick fix or hack. This is very important in the context of a deadline. It means you may meet your deadline to deliver a feature that would be impossible to deliver in the same time with quality clean code. However, you run the risk of crippling long term maintenance.

Anyway, time is relative. For most a "deadline" is short-term. Clean code is about the long-term, and while sometimes it's really just a mind trick that you think it will be longer, but in practice you run into the situations I described as well.