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Discussion on: What's your monthly AWS bill?

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I can tell you precisely, let me check... With September 70€ total, main fee went to:

  • 25€: EC2-ELB
  • 13€: ECS
  • 19€: RDS (mysql)
  • rest to ci/cd or some dns charges

It is always traffic that gives biggest fee in AWS in my experience of developing RESTful APIs (and you can actually slightly reduce it if you do not need scaling at development phase).
I am confident that using, for example, GCP would come cheaper in the beginning. But this project will have to be widely scaled after MVP phase and estimated costs for future "live" configuration are better in AWS.
Also, if you do IaaC (terraform in my case) - it is not THAT complicated to move around clouds.
Finally, from my experience, AWS (hence it is a market leader) has better documentation and better support - just because community is bigger.
So it is good choice for growing projects, imo.

Oh, one more point for AWS - I am evaluating possible use of DynamoDB (codeless API = API Gateway + DynamoDB) and have not found analogues so far (I know, vendor lock-in, but I hope other clouds to catch up with that approach).

If I'd be doing that one for myself, I'd do something very cheap and simple like Heroku or GCP Cloud Run. (Lambdas are not good here due to app long warm-up).

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This is a helpful info, thanks a lot 🙏❤