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New World January 26 Update

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The new update of new world on January 26 includes a large number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

New world recently received its content update with expedition mutators in January, but players immediately reported many errors that prevented progress. Developers released another patch to address the January 26 update, including many bug fixes and performance improvements.

New world update January 26

The new update fixes a problem that causes players' storerooms to be filled with the same items but not stacked correctly. This error also makes these items unavailable for production, and players also report missing items. This has been corrected and storage and production should work properly after the new update.

Players should also be able to access all new content in the January update without problems. The new expedition mutators update introduced earlier this week resulted in a crash, and players should now be able to access the event without problems.

Patch description updated by new world on January 26

Here are some highlights of the new patch:

  1. Fixed the problem that the booty of the elite treasure chest in the variant Lazarus instrument expedition did not respect the player's professional knowledge.

  2. The elite treasure chest will drop trophies according to the player's expertise in the variation expedition.

  3. The forger's ring badge has been improperly removed from the game and player inventory. You can now get it in the game.

  4. The new update will allow players to get the forging ring badge and access the expedition mutant activity without any problem. To view a complete list of changes to the new patch, click here!

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