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Discussion on: React doesn't need state management tool, I said

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That's what I said, the possibility of adding your custom logic using the context API is what I'm talking about. What else would I be referring to and my statement wasn't a blanket statement, the key word being "WHEN" because I have encountered people that don't even have an idea about this aspect. Anyways, I am aware of the benefits of using other libraries. But for smaller projects , this will suffice. There's no need to further bloat it up. It comes down to the requirements of the project.

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Sergei Garcia

Ah, I see what you mean. The way you worded it made it sound like you thought people didn't know it could be used for state management (given that's what the article you commented on is entirely about). I was simply replying that it's pretty well known it can be used, just that people prefer not to use or write articles about it since the performance considerations make it somewhat of a foot-gun (a gun prone to miss-fires that you shoot yourself in the foot with).

Also worth mentioning, but the performance considerations could also present themselves even in smaller projects, if you have enough expensive-to-render components depending on the context. Meaning even for smaller projects, Context still might not be the best option.

I agree with you that it comes down to the requirements of the project though.