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Discussion on: The Most POWERFUL [JavaScript] Function

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Great way of combining this article with a related YouTube video.

Feels like the video is meant to go right along with this post. Much appreciated!

The screencast does a great job at covering some of the harder to write about topics.

I was lost when you were writing about using parentheses to return an object implicitly returned but it was stupid easy to understand via your youtube video and the follow along coding examples.

This article, I don’t think, talked about using brackets to set object keys names based on variable values.

Your reduce screencast covers it quickly, but through the video example of quickly was enough. Felt concise and to the point. Thanks for this one!!πŸ™ Really solid stuff!!

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Clean Code Studio Author

Thanks @johnt - glad the Clean Code Studio screencast went hand in hand with this dev to post to help improve the learning process!