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Discussion on: Simple Javascript Modules - Local Storage Module

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John Smith

No one is holding you at gunpoint forcing you to read articles. If you don't like the content, leave the article and move on. I don't see how it's a bad thing for developers to be improving their skills (both communication and coding) by writing articles anywhere they want to. Frequently English is not someone's first language, and writing articles about what you're learning is a great way to get feedback and practice, and the urge to teach other people skills you've learned should be applauded.

I've always thought it's quite interesting to watch people gain new skills and learn new things, considering all of us do that on a regular basis.

Perhaps it would be more productive to offer constructive feedback about particular things authors could improve upon rather than criticizing an article as a whole. In my experience, that helps developers learn to improve, as opposed to sarcastic and generalized criticism, which just discourages authors from making attempts and continuing to improve in the future. Practice makes perfect, and writing an article is a great way to work on communication skills.

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Sooraj Author

Thank you John :)

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