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What Is The Future of Java?

john richard
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Java is a simple, portable, flexible, easy-to-understand programming language that has seen many ups and downs. Many believed that it would die with the changing technologies, but nothing of that sort happened.

Java is still flourishing and giving solid competition to newer languages such as Python and JavaScript. It is a secure, reliable language that supports cross-platform functionality. Its versatility and uniqueness make it relevant even in today's time.

Many newer technologies like big data, IoT, machine learning, etc., have come up in recent years. But java has held its ground, staying in the top 5 programming languages of all time.

The global community of developers will increase by 28.7 million in 2024. And approx. 63 percent of programmers admitted to code in java along with Python, SQL HTML, and CSS for future technologies.

You should learn java by joining a java bootcamp as it will help perform following applications.

What Is The Future of Java?

Mobile Apps Development
Most people today have a smartphone, and the number of smartphone users exceeds more than six billion. Data also suggests that the number will increase by several hundred million in the next few years.

Java is also the official language of Andriod app development, with more than 450,000 apps developed by java. So, having a java certification will prepare you for a career in web development.

Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT is a popular technology today. The increase in new computers, devices, and technologies makes it even more popular. According to IDC, the total number of IoT devices will cross 35 billion this year.

With more industries investing in IoT, the demand for IoT developers will increase. Features like flexibility, simplicity, rich library and APIs, make it ideal for IoT and a career as an IoT developer.

Big Data and Cloud
The Big Data industry is growing exponentially as more businesses are shifting to cloud-based solutions. And, fortunately, most essential big data tools like Hadoop and Spark run on java.

So, the future of java is promising and will grow with the growth of big data. It has many frameworks that support multi-cloud strategies like Spring Boot, Cloud Foundry, etc. A java training will equip you with the basics as well as the advanced concepts of java.

Almost all the industries use java today for some purpose, be it for web development, app development, developing enterprise-level applications, and more. Its simplicity, device, and OS support make it a popular programming language that will influence the IT industry for years. So, java is here to stay for a very long time.

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btw python is older than java :D

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