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re: Wow,Great to hear about JPL . Let me get this right. 1) Among Data Services team, User Interface team, and Artificial Intelligence team who did th...
  1. The three teams I listed isn't the exhaustive list. There are probably over 300 teams here with different focuses. Most of the projects are under missions so people from software, hardware, operations, and design are recruited in from across the lab.

  2. There may be some PHP being used at the lab. From my experience I haven't seen any. If an individual wanted to use PHP then they could put together an argument explaining why it would be the best tool for the task. My guess for the limited use would be since it's not a strongly typed language, it's harder to ensure correctness.

  3. I use a Mac for local development and Alpine/RHEL for Docker containers.

  4. Could get pretty slow around here.

  5. Not sure what you mean by this

  1. I mean That was kinda of joke. You know since you are working at NASA you get to know if there is a sign of extraterrestrial life before everyone else. So share here first. Like "hey guys , I talked to this guy from Europa (or any) yesterday, Felt so realistic" . Stuffs like that. :D
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