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Hi Jacob,
Do you have any suggestions for open source projects that have nice supporting communities that help you get started contributing?
Most if not all projects I've come across seem pretty snappish with newcomers.


Mmm... Be sure not to confuse critique, PR reviews, telling you the rules for their project as "snappish"; if they are being unprofessional, patronizing or downright rude/insulting I suggest approaching the core contributors of those projects and talking to them about it. If they are the ones doing it and they don't have a code of conduct I suggest not interacting with them.

Here are other OSS suggestions:
I know that Ryan Florence is supportive and has some great projects like reach router.

Kent C Dodds has some great testing libraries and is also super helpful.

Kyle Shevlin has his podcast and website, also super helpful and supportive person.

Syntax.fm Scott Stolinski and Wes Bos have the Syntax website super supportive community.

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