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Discussion on: I've hit a brick wall. How do I progress as a React Dev and other confusions.

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Johnny Navarro • Edited

Hello! Well, I think knowing TypeScript is in huge demand everywhere, not only with React, so it could be definitely worth it if you made the transition into it. I've seen a lot of posts here in Dev about how to start using TypeScript in React, I would look into one of those. Not really related to "design patterns" or anything but I'm just curious, are you working with vanilla React? (I.e.: Create React App)? Because if you are, learning React based frameworks like Gatsby or Next.js (particularly Next) could be a good next step for you as a React dev. Other than keeping the code clean, using frameworks like Next.js allows you to build production ready React apps with neat features like code splitting, static generated pages, server side rendering, etc, that overall improve the performance of your apps. It even helps with SEO (which by the way is awful in vanilla React). Knowing how to use Next (or even Gatsby if you want) could improve your changes on landing a React job. Good luck!

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SandeepGamot Author

Alright Johnny, thanks a lot, will surely look into learning those. Thank you.