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Discussion on: php link shortener (simplelink)

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Hi Siarhei Siniak,

Thanks for commenting.

My initiative for this project is to make sending links easier for everyone.

For example, I use it to rename my link, like my Google drive link is very long and I can shorten it into When I want to send to anyone, I do not need to copy and paste but just type it out.

All project idea didn't come out from nowhere. The idea of creating this project pops up is when I face problem with which I can't get short link that I want for many times that I need to keep renaming it and sometimes I am only able to generate random short URL.

This is why I started building my own URL shortener website.

To start this project, I actually search through the internet but I unable to find any open source project which is easy to setup.All needed mysql database and some that not need database uses flat file database like storing it in JSON file which I think is not good when storing large number of URL it will be slow redirecting as it takes time to read the file and find the URL and it is difficult to delete short URL which is not wanted anymore.

My plan is to host this website in free hosting platform like 000webhost or infinity free and all these platforms you can upload file through online file manager. Although they offer mysql database but I am lazy to create a database and do configuration change for other php URL shortener open source project. Therefore, I created my own URL shortener from scratch.

I recommend you to use simplelink too. You can create your own URL shortener in just 2 steps (download and upload the code) and with only 2 files. Lastly, give me a star in GitHub for supporting. Thank you.

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Siarhei Siniak • Edited on
  1. links 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. 1.5. 1.5.1. 1.5.2. 1.5.3. 1.5.4. 1.5.5. a docker image, a single onliner to spawn the service. 1.6. interesting interface via curl, yet only restricted to urls.
  2. Well, there're pretty quite many url shorteners on github. polr is open source, written in PHP, has a docker image that gives a simple one liner to make it running. If you are really concerned with MySQL configuration, make sense just to refactor that project to use some in memory database, reddis perhaps.