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MVVM Architecture In Flutter

Flutter which is trending technology a developer community use and moving to make application development work easy and fast. before 2017 the business owner need to hire 2 separate developer iOS and Android to develop app in both platform and it takes long time to app launch and more money need to invest.

in 2017 Google has changed this scenario and take revolution in mobile application development world by introducing Flutter an language where developer can develop just one app and use it on multiple platform.

As there is lot more features in Flutter application development but among that all MVVM architecture is prominent because it use to move as much of the state and logic from the View into a separate entity called the ViewModel.

The DEV Information Technology Ltd has launched an informative article about Guide To Implementing MVVM Architecture In Flutter which is detailed explanation of

What Is MVVM Architecture?
The Model:-
The View: –
The View Model:-
MVVM implementation:-
Create a new project
Create a Web Service
Create a view model
Create a widget.

A Beginners will learn complete step about to MVVM architecture in Flutter.

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