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Fundamentals of Kotlin Coroutines

What is Kotlin?
Kotlin known as a cross platform mobile application development language.

What is Coroutines?
Coroutines are a Kotlin feature that converts async callbacks for long-running tasks, such as database or network access, into sequential code.

And the purpose of this article to give more knowledge on Kotlin’s coroutines mechanisms, how they work and how we will use them as an alternative way to asynchronous programming to be used in our day to day projects.

When you’re making server-side, desktop or mobile applications, it is important to supply Associate in Nursing expertise that’s not solely fluid from the user’s perspective, however scalable once required.

Kotlin solves this downside in an exceedingly versatile approach by providing coroutine support at the language level and relegating most of the practicality to libraries.

As a bonus, coroutines not solely open the doors to asynchronous programming, however, conjointly give a wealth of different potentialities like concurrency and actors.

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