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Discussion on: Visual NodeJS Programming UsingΒ Node-RED

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πŸ’» JOHN JARDIN | Bleeding Code Author

Thanks very much for reading and for the comment πŸ‘. That's awesome I'm also an early adopter and took it on when it was released to IBM Cloud (formerly Bluemix).

By 2014 I was presenting Node-RED at events. The big difference with me though is that I went a completely different route with Node-RED. I actually use it as middleware for business application development and integration. I hardly use it for IoT.

Fun thing is, I have Node-RED running at multiple clients, running production flows and doing a brilliant job at that.

Will definitely check out your projects 😎.

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Very interesting! Have you come up against any issues running it in such an environment?

Usually we are used to seeing businesses reaching for mulesoft, IBM middleware, apigee, microservices in java etc.

I think the simplicity of the interface catches people off guard with node-red and see it more as a toy/prototyping project so jumping to production at enterprise may not be something they think about.

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πŸ’» JOHN JARDIN | Bleeding Code Author

Good question. Although I must say I don't experience much resistance when sugggesting Node-RED. However, my clients most of the time trust me enough to make these calls.

When I need to convince dev teams, it gets trickier, but even then with a few workshops they are ultimately sold to add Node-RED as a utility tool to their environment.