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How Employee Feedback Helps Organizations?

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Be it a request regarding service improvement or a product feature, feedback is a valuable part of a business. They help businesses in understanding what is the requirement of their customers and then work accordingly. Like how an improved product or service delights the customers and makes them satisfied, the same way feedback plays an essential role within an organization.

Feedback of the employees is valuable for an organization and to the individuals running it. One of the most well-known ways to get the employees’ feedback is to organize surveys to help organizations understand the employees’ pulse and look through their requirements and the areas that the organization might have neglected previously. With the help of feedback, employees can put their opinions and requirements in front of the management.


The productivity of an employee is directly proportional to his job satisfaction. An employee’s productivity will be at a peak when working in a motivational environment, and he is getting constant support from the team. Undoubtedly, if there is so much support and the employee is working in an environment that is motivational enough for him, he will perform better. An employee’s productivity drains when he is pushed to work in a field of least interest to him.

Employee-Management Relationship

Most of the employees resign because of their managers. It is true. Studies have shown it. So, there’s a need for employee-management relationships too. The best way with which employee-management relationships can be improved is by showing employees that management cares. Small gestures by the managers lead to the faithfulness of the employees. Below we have mentioned some of the key areas where they should work on:

They should try appreciating the employees for doing a great job.
They need to motivate when an employee is feeling low.
They can take various measures to fix the issues of the employees that they might be facing.
The management should look after the employees and encourage them and make a more conducive experience with the organization.
You should acknowledge their feedback and show them that their feedback can be used as a valuable insight to make the organization better. This makes the employees feel like they are getting heard, which will make them discuss more their real issues.


Feedbacks make the manager a better leader. Managers can get to know his team better by just asking the employees to provide feedback about their managers. They would easily be able to understand what the employees expect from them. This establishes a better relationship between the team and their leader, making everyone start to work together as a team rather than working individually.

Alongside that, there is also a need to improve management processes. Suppose a set of employees have given feedback and have stated that the hiring process needs to be changed, as it has become too old school now. It may make the managers a bit concerned about changing the process. This is because the process is getting followed for decades now, but the managers should think about it, and they should try to cope with the ideas of the current generation and right away test their skills. There’s no harm in changing the process to progress. The new plan will help them hire a team of great candidates after evaluating their skills and performance.

Feedback helps build better relationships of trust and unite the goals, which will benefit the organizations. They will get good results from a value-driven workforce, thereby making the voice of the employees valuable.

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