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Discussion on: Why you should learn Git 📌

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John Lomas

The OP gives several reasons for knowing Git.

1: it is the only VCS he has used so the commands are easy and it has the best feature set.

I have used several systems, most having a UI. I will say the best one I have used, albeit expensive, is MKS Source Integrity. It was to easy to see all development parhs, add labels and create checkpoints to get back to the exact fileset at any point in time, alliowed branching individual files.

  1. Employers assume you know how to use it.
    My experience does not support this statement.

  2. You need Git to work remotely and to collaborate.
    I have worked remotely and collaborated using MKS and SVN.

Some of these reasons are reasons to know how to use VCS, but are not exclusive to Git.

Granted, it is popular. Being popular means it is a likely conduit to share information without having to have your own VCS server.

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Michael Owolabi Author

Thank you so much John for this invaluable feedback. I agree with you that some of these reasons are not exclusive to Git and other VCS are equally capable of them.

Regarding what I said about employers' assumption of Git knowledge, this is totally based on my experience and by no means a general rule of thumb. So, thank you for sharing your experience in that regard.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read and provide this feedback. It has helped me and I'm sure it is going to help others who come across this article.