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Feedback on a tpl engine based openapi tool BOATS

johndcarmichael profile image johndcarmichael ・1 min read

Hi all,

I am looking for any feedback/critique on a new tool i just published.

It enables one to write a little more dynamic openapi spec files with the use of a template engine, Nunjucks.

I was finding it very repetitive writing openapi files as there was no ability to inject content into re-usable chunks, for example writing json api style outputs means a lot of writing the same top level attributes over and over again, or the new openapi 3 declaring json response. As a trail solution I wrote into the package 2 helper functions "mixin" and "uniqueOdId".

Mixin function acts a lot like sass/less mixin and allows you to inject code into re-usable chunks.

UniqueOdId returns a string that is based on a files location within a filesystem, super important for and code generators ;)

Anyways, I thought i would just throw it out there into the opensource world and see if it sinks or swims or just floats around a little.


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