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re: What was your TDD aha moment? VIEW POST


It's not quite TDD, but I've been having a lot of fun doing something similar while writing Clojure code. In Clojure-land it's easy enough to connect your editor to a networked REPL. I'm in Vim & using fireplace.vim means I can execute whatever code is under the cursor. For (e.g. function) definitions, executing means that the REPL ends up containing the definition. So you're just always coding in a live environment -- a little like Jupyter notebook.

The upshot is that while I'm writing something, that file will tend to have real code interspersed with test code (specifically, the one or two unit tests that I currently care about), and it only takes a couple of keystrokes, with no task-switching, to re-run them.

Coding that way is a very tight loop, and similar in feel to TDD (or at least the sort where you take care to only focus on a few fast-running tests, so that running them doesn't impact your flow).

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