Reactjs Vs AngularJs Comparison in 2020

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It is really important to choose the right platform where you should develop your web applications. ReactJS or AngularJS which framework is more important to build the application. Before talking about the contrasts that both have here is brief introduction given below to simplify the concept of ReactJS and AngularJS. They both are well-known program developing languages that help coders or developers to build an application or websites.

Reactjs Vs Angularjs


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Your blog post is misleading as AngularJS is different from Angular. Starting at version 2, Angular has too many differences with AngularJS to be called the same (and the current version of AngularJS is AngularJS, not Angular 8).


And hardly a thorough comparison


When the author states that latest angularJS version is angular 8, I think this article can be safely ignored.


The comparison is misleading as you compare React with actually Angular and AngularJS but you do not cut Angular and AngularJS. Unfortunately, you should not do that in 2020. Angular 2+ is based on a completely new code base and new concepts like component-based architecture.


This is very dated and misleading.


I would suggest you to read further about these.


The headline makes it seem like you're going to compare react and angular, but then you don't. Why?


What is AngularJS? I know only one AngularJS and it's already dead. Angular modern framework called simply "Angular" and the old one called "AngularJS". Angular is a framework from version 2 till 8 (for today) and "Angular of version 1" is called "AngularJS" and it's dead. Looking at the headline it seems that the author does not know what he is writing about (at least from the side of the Angular).


This article is misleading. The linked site is very outdated and the author doesn't seems to know the difference between angularjs and angular 2+. This article should be ignored at all cost and even removed from dev.to...


Thanks for your valuable feedback. Our main motto shares some valuable content that should help to the reader. We are working on to increase our audience if anyone found the wrong information We will surely change it. I will again review this and possibly update it.

Thanks once again to read this.


Reactjs and AngularJs both are very popular framework. AngularJS is client-side framework and React is a JavaScript library with a robust ecosystem. both is used my many popular brands, both have their own advantages, but choice is depends on your project requirements. i found one blog where nicely compression. check out here bit.ly/2IhCgUH


Was this written by an AI bot??


@Johnathon Roy, you may want to edit this article to be Angular and React where Angular is version 2 or greater, today current Angular version is 9.0.